Cooperation issues with MERCURIA

In July 2016, Managing Director of “Merlion Resources Holding Limited” (a Hongkong branch of MERCURIA, Switzerland) met with Managing Director of “Ukrasa Energy” LLC , to discuss cooperation issues. The parties discussed feasibility of realization of joint investment projects in mining and processing industry both in Ukraine and abroad. “Merlion Resources Holding Limited” is interested in investing in a number of projects of extraction and concentration of natural resources in Ukraine, as well as in potential deliveries of various concentrates to China from Ukraine. The parties reviewed feasibility of a number of investment projects and, having identified the most feasible options. experts of both company started to study and agree relevant technical and organizational matters. The Company plans to open its representative office in Ukraine, and “Ukrasa Energy” LLC will take part in management of projects . Tentative volumes of investments will comprise USD 20 million by the end of 2018.

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